Monday, 8 February 2010

Glug 2010

The Basement in Brighton is such a great venue.
My friend Ben's robot is constructed from the amazingly fun PlayShapes. Unfortunately in a freak phone dropping incident my images were erased from time and space. However when the images are uploaded to the PlayShapes Flickr account, I'll post them on here.
My friend Ben's rather disturbing foetus. The frowny placenta was added after.

Here are some characters of mine that I drew on the giant board provided for all to doodle. Notice mine has been tagged! I feel privileged :)

Last Friday saw the second instalment of Glug Brighton. I have to say it was a freakin' awesome night, and it was a good chance to get to know some of my fellow creatives that live and work in Brighton and Hove. Apologies for the abysmal photos but I only had the camera on my phone, which I happened to drop several times.

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